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DC100X & DC200

Medical Device Dip Coaters

The DC100X & DC200 dip coaters applies precision hydrophilic coatings onto catheters, guide-wires and other medical devices, with performance, features and size unmatched in the industry. These systems were specifically designed for SurModics’ latest low particulate, low friction lubricious coatings. The coaters offer a compact footprint, two-station rotary platform with a load/dip/dry station in parallel with a dry/cure station to maximize manufacturing productivity.

Ease of Use

The coaters were designed for simple, intuitive use by operators, technicians and engineers.

  • Intuitive hardware controls
  • Automated part loading/unloading for ergonomics
  • UV-filtered dip and cure chamber windows for full-process view
  • Interlocks and keyed doors for operator safety

Precision Performance

The coaters were designed to provide precise, repeatable performance for critical applications.

  • Compact, two-station rotary platform to maximize manufacturing productivity.
  • Precision dip/extract coating via servo driven motion.
  • Dual-coating reservoir (or funnels) for the capability of holding two different coating solutions.
  • Automatic solution coating covers to maintain quality/consistency of coating solution.

Flexible Operation

The DC100X & DC200 provide the flexibility you need to address a broad range of coating requirements.

  • Removable cassette/device fixture.
  • Customizable part fixturing and solution reservoir options.
  • Compact footprint with casters for easy placement.
  • Modular design for feature add-ons and upgrades.

High Reliability

The dip coaters were designed for high reliability and efficient maintenance.

  • Robust mechanical and controls system design.
  • Commercial PC-based controls & components.
  • Auto-generated process logs to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Convenient access panels and doors for maintenance and service.

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