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Hydrophilic Dip Coater

The DC100 Medical Device Dip-Coating System is designed exclusively for SurModics' Advanced Hydrophilic Coatings applied to medical devices. This system has a compact footprint, two-station, rotary platform with a load/dip/dry station in parallel with a dry/cure station to maximize manufacturing productivity.

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive hardware controls
  • Automated part loading/unloading for ergonomics
  • UV-filtered dip and cure chamber windows for full-process view
  • Interlocks and keyed doors for operator safety


  • Customizable part fixturing and solution reservoir options
  • Compact footprint with casters for easy placement
  • Modular design for feature add-ons and upgrades
  • Compatibility with a clean coating process

Ease of Servicing

  • Access panels and doors for maintenance and servicing
  • Commercial PC-based controls & components
  • Robust mechanical and controls system design
  • Auto-generated process logs aid in trouble-shooting

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