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PaR Systems Acquires OakRiver Technology.
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Company History

Today OakRiver continues to grow by expanding its customer base and increasing its Engineering and Manufacturing resource base.

2010 The Company forms the AES business unit to support rapid growth within the areas of Engineering and Manufacturing support services.

2009 OakRiver celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary.

2007 The Company introduces the DC100 hydrophilic coater and enters into a strategic partnership with SurModics.

2006 A partnership is formed with an investment firm, HKW, to support the continued growth of the company.

2003 OakRiver opens a new Design and Manufacturing Center.

2002 The Company integrates its first wire laser welding system for a medical device implant.

2001 The Company becomes ISO certified; engineering & business processes are established as building blocks for future growth.

1999 OakRiver was founded. Early offerings included automated assembly cells in support of medical device manufacturing.

Delivering on Our Commitments.

OakRiver has delivered several thousand pieces of equipment across the world to hundreds of customers. The Company has consistently grown by delivering upon the commitments we make to our customers.

OakRiver is driven to develop and implement solutions that are innovative, timely and effective. We are a company whose key processes are tracked, trended and communicated such that the organization evolves and improves everyday.

The Company's success starts with our hiring practices. We look for individuals who have technical aptitude and a personal commitment to follow through. OakRiver solves problems by combining our engineering know-how and operational experience to zero in on the customer requirements most critical to a project's success. We're able to manage project risk by implementing solutions that leverage our wide-ranging experiences.

We continuously poll our customers on their overall experience with OakRiver. Customer feedback is trended and communicated to the entire company so we can continuously improve as an organization.